Vision Metal Aids P Ltd was incorporated in 1993. Since the founding, we have consistently endeavoured to develop and manufacture superior Foundry and Steel melting shop products that win confidence and satisfaction of our customers. Today we are among the top producer of these products in India and a favoured supplier to many customers in India as well as abroad. We started our manufacturing journey from all kind of Riser sleeves, hot tops, fluxes and gradually added products like coatings, Resins, Green sand additives (Coal additives) because of the support and confidence of our prominent customers on us. We also added manufacturing facility of Resins in our new plant at Ghaziabad U.P. in 2012 and is successfully catering the requirements of various industries.

We are strictly following all safety norms and are continuously working in the interest of our society and environment by adopting latest technology and reducing wastages during production.