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For Small/Medium/Large ingots.

Anti-Piping Compound and Exothermic Powder (METALUX/METAMEXO) is specially developed with high exothermic and insulating properties to increase feeder head efficiency by reducing heat losses due to convection and radiation.

On coming in contact with molten metal in the feeder head, an exothermic reaction takes place and sufficient amount of heat is generated. This heat, off sets the chilling of molten metal due to heat loss. The burnt residue swells and provides a strong insulation to prevent the radiation losses. This process inhibits the formation of solid skin and also allows atmospheric pressure to initiate gravitational feeding of metal.


1. It keeps the metal in feeder head molten for longer duration and hence allows gravitational feeding of metal.
2. Increase metal yield, therefore saves cost.
3. Very easy to use.


A.P.C/ Exothermic powder is supplied in polythene lined HDPE bags mostly in 50 kgs pack.

Powder/ready to use paste form in Silica/Magnasite base.

Used in Steel Melting

Ferro-Moly, Vanadum, Titanium, Tungsten etc.

Bottom pad fo Ingot to Save end Cutting at Bottom

Ferro Silicon Based Additive for Sodium Silicate Sand

Metaheat-A, K, C (Whytheat A, K, C)

Used in Steel Melting