Green Sand Coal Additives Is a high quality blended coal enriched with Lustrous Carbon for green sand moulding which reduces the wetability of molten metal onto the mould face due to different phenomena inside mould like reducing atmosphere, precipitation of lustrous carbon and softening/swelling of coal during heating, helps to fill voids in sand grains of mould, resulting in excellent sand peel off and surface finish of castings with reduced sand related defects. We are equipped with latest machines and technology to produce approx 6000 MT per annum metakol.


1. Improves sand peel of the castings at shake out which reduces wastage of system sand.
2. Gives better surface finish to the castings.
3. It reduces shot blasting time and consumption of shots
4. Improves flow ability of sand which gives better compaction of sand per mould.
5. Reduces fettling time of the castings.
6. Our Metakol SPL ++ swells during burning and fill the sand grain voids which results in reduction of sand expansion and it helps sand related defects like scab and mould dilation.
7. Metakol helps in producing smooth and clean surface of the castings.

We are manufacturing several grades of METAKOL keeping in view of its specific requirement for different types of moulding lines, liquid metals and castings shape and size.

Product Volatile Matter Ash Content Fixed Carbon
METAKOL-LA 50 + 3% 6% max By difference
METAKOL-N 55 + 5% 6% max By difference
METAKOL-SPL 45 + 5% 7% max. By difference
METAKOL-SPL++ 35 + 5% 7% max. By difference
METAKOL 75 80 + 5% 3% max. By difference

Note: - We also produce tailor made products on the basis of customer requirements