Vision has designed their exothermic sleeves in such a way that their oxidising additives generate exothermic reaction within the riser to hold the melt in liquid state and provide feeding while solidification of castings.

We have well formulated our sleeves with organic/Inorganic binder and process in such a way that they will withstand at pressures generated during ramming of sand. its strength and toughness is very good.

We produce sleeves with all sizes and M.E.F ranges from 1.4 to 1.8++. It also improves the yield of the casting with respect to sand riser. Shapes such as cylindrical, Oval, Rectangular, Flexible boards, Rigid boards, sleeves with William core, tapered etc. Size range 1” dia to 46” dia.

We have categorised sleeves as :

A. Exotehrmic Sleeves
B. Insulating Sleeves
C. Neck Down Sleeves
D. Direct Pour Sleeves


1. Improves yield of the Casting
2. Helps in producing shrinkage free castings
3. Customised/ Tailor made production of sleeves is possible
4. Reduces the contact area on top of casting thereby reducing cutting/fettling cost
5. Intricate castings can be fed easily

Sizes & Packing

Exothermic sleeves are manufactured in various sizes as per customer requirement, Shapes such as cylindrical, Oval, Flexible boards, pads etc. The exothermic sleeves are wrapped with polythene to prevent moisture pick up and are then packed in corrugated boxes for easy handling and transportation.